Creating a real-time online music collaboration platform from the ground up

Role: Product Designer

JellyVibes is an real time in-browser solution to collaboration between musicians. My job was to make sure we could create something that allowed users to create music together without anything to hiccup their experience.

The Process

There was no other website that did something like this, so I couldn't model it after much. The previous design didn't have much to begin with, but we agreed that the "grid" view would be easy to digest for the jam room information.

New & Improved: The new redesign

Old:   The starting design of when I got onto on the project

Old: The starting design of when I got onto on the project

Light backgrounds where users had to read through content quickly (browse pages) and simple pages were used for the login/registration process so people could get through it quickly and reach the music faster. Check out the login screen yourself.

Information Architecture