Architecting a new Global System for a global brand

Role: Experience Designer & Researcher


I worked on the full redesign of As an actual Honda owner, I felt a deep connection to the work from the start. Working with the Design & UX team, our task was to do update their entire web platform and evolve the user experience into something only Honda could offer.

Project Highlights

• Redesign the new Honda home page, from kickoff to launch, in a 12 month timeline

• Establish a component library with 50+ modules to build out design system for all pages

• Create high fidelity prototypes in Framer and Webflow to present to high-ranking clients

• Plan and conduct user research to help guide strategic direction of project iterations

• Collaborate with designers, developers, and PMs daily to solve challenging usability problems


Due to the nature of the work, most of it is cannot be shown because of confidentiality agreements. If you'd like to know more about my process and the deliverables I've had - please shoot me a note below so we can chat.