Frozen Summer

Making music mashups interactive

Role: Interaction Designer, Audio Engineer, Developer

Frozen Summer is an audio and visual interactive mashup experience, the first of its kind. As a tech-saavy DJ, I was always looking to create the next kind of performance that would tie people into the music more. When the Myo armband was introduced to me, a wealth of possibilities opened by now allowing movement and gestures to be implemented to music. Naturally, having a reaction to some sort of action seemed to be cool and it was time to innovate the art of the "fistpump" into something usable.

The mashup experience works only with the Myo Armband being turned on. For those who aren't familiar with what the Myo is, it is a wearable device that can collect data such as orientation and yaw and also specific gestures like an open hand and translate it into an action. The first screen represents the title screen which the user can move past by moving their arm. 

From here, anything can happen by having the user being able to move freely from one track to another and their respective visual by either waving 'left' or 'right' with their Myo arm. The result is a synced-up audio and visual experience that plays the "Frozen" acapella when the visual is snowing and the "Summer" acapella when it is the summer visual. To make it even more interactive, the snowfall and the waves are controllable by Myo movements also to change direction and speed and to give the effect that the user is controlling the entire environment.

Above is the recorded file from the first session of the "Frozen Summer" mashup experience. The two songs were chosen specifically to show that even in a paradoxical situation, with two different songs from two different genres containing two different subject matters, you can still create something noteworthy and of quality.