FOX Sports

Creating the perfect on-the-go sports application

Role: User Experience Designer & Researcher


FOX Sports gave me hands-on experience on working on developing products and understanding user insights to guide development. My main responsibilities were to assist the Senior UX Designers with understanding insights + users, wire-framing,  and prototyping new features.

User Persona Research

During my internship at FOX Sports, I did two big persona research projects: one for the Big Board App and one for the FOX Sports brand. Each had different insights and helped us design better for the users of our products.

Extensive research was done to determine second screen usage in regards to sports and understand what users needed. Finding a niche to take within the sports application category would be difficult, especially with others present in the same category like ESPN, theScore, and Yahoo Sports.

The big take-away was that people who use their device consistently and want their information straight to the point were the ones would benefit most from The Big Board. Once we were able to frame the personas, we were able to develop features for core group and then differentiate ourselves from competitors.

My goal for the FOX Sports brand personas were to understand who were the core group of users and make sure that we designed with them in mind. Since FOX Sports took a mobile-first approach in the beginning of 2014, we had to make sure our consumers were getting what they wanted. 

Wire-framing & Prototyping

All wire-frames and prototypes were done in Axure. Animations were visualized in After Effects. Most of the projects that I worked on are still in development, so I can only provide visuals upon request.